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May 19, 2021

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    19 May 2021

    This conference will update clinicians and managers on clinical negligence with a particular focus on current issues and the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on clinical negligence claims. Featuring leadings legal experts, NHS Resolution and experienced clinicians the event will provide an update on current claims the conference will discuss why patients litigate, The Coronavirus Act 2020 and Clinical Negligence Scheme for Coronavirus, responding to claims regarding COVID-19 and the implications of the coronavirus clinical negligence claims protocol. There will be an extended masterclass on trends in clinical negligence claims and responding to claims followed by an extended focus on Maternity Claims.
    The conference will close with a case study on the advantages of bringing together complaints, claims and patients safety investigation, and practical experiences of coronavirus complaints at claims at an NHS Trust – including understanding the standard of care on which services should be judged, and a final session on supporting clinicians when a claim is made against them.
    Further information and registration or email: kate@hc-uk.org.uk
    hub members receive 10% discount. Email: info@pslhub.org

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    19 May 2021 09:30      10:15

    What will the new world of work look like in the NHS post-pandemic is the crucial question being examined in an HSJ webinar.
    The webinar will bring together a panel of experts to discuss what skills NHS staff will need as the world of work changes, with the likelihood that some work that has been done face-to-face will be virtual.
    On the panel will be Elspeth Griffiths, director of HR, workforce and OD for NHS South Central and West Commissioning Support Group, Kate Jarman, director of communications and corporate affairs, Milton Keynes University Hospital, Henrietta Mbeah-Bankas, head of blended learning and digital literacy project lead, Health Education England and Rosalind Penny, director of HR & OD, Integrated Care System for Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West. Chairing the discussion will be HSJ senior correspondent Annabelle Collins.
    This HSJ webinar, in association with NHS South, West and Central Commissioning Support Unit, will look at how the working lives of NHS staff – both clinical and non-clinical – will change, how to upskill existing staff with new skills and make their lives mote satisfying, and whether there are easy wins NHS organisations can aim for.

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    19 May 2021 13:00      14:00

    We have known for several years that nurses are at higher risk of suicide than the general population and that nurses have more job-related problems recorded prior to death by suicide. What we have now learned about those job-related problems is troublesome at best with implications for risk managers, hospital executives, and all leaders in healthcare. The panel in the Patient Safety Association webinar will describe the issues and implications for advocacy and policy change necessary to right the wrongs leading to death by suicide amongst nurses through personal testimony and review of recent research findings. This webinar is sponsored by CHPSO.
    By the end of the session, the participants will be able to:
    Identify major issues stemming from the workplace that lead to death by suicide. Identify institutional, professional, and individual actions that can be taken to reduce risk. Describe the flaws in the current system that prevent accurately tracking and action-planning to reduce risks amongst nurses. Register

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