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October 05, 2021

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    04 October 2021      07 October 2021

    What is next for urgent and emergency care across the country? With the COVID-19 pandemic transforming service delivery and reshaping what was once thought possible, the next challenge is to consider the state of urgent and emergency care services as another difficult winter approaches. 
    Despite moves away from hospital-based care towards alternative solutions, urgent and emergency care is still under great pressure. Join this King's Fund event to hear about the latest debates and solutions to a very challenging issue: trying to ease the pressure on urgent and emergency care delivery.
    You will hear evidence-based examples from areas that are trying to re-imagine A&E departments and other services that provide and support urgent treatments, so patients get the right care in the right place. You will hear from international speakers, national leaders and a host of experts on a range of questions.
    The transition to 111: has it really happened, and has it yielded the anticipated results? What does the new integrated care systems structure have in store for urgent and emergency care? How should we shape targets and measure what works in urgent and emergency care? How can we support highly trained staff and avoid burn-out?  Register

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    05 October 2021

    This one day masterclass will focus on how to use behavioural insights and 'Nudge Theory' to look at patient safety and safety culture.
    "Nudge Theory is based upon the idea that by shaping the environment, also known as the choice architecture, one can influence the likelihood that one option is chosen over another by individuals. A key factor of Nudge Theory is the ability for an individual to maintain freedom of choice and to feel in control of the decisions they make. " Imperial College London, What is Nudge Theory?
    Nudge-type interventions have the potential for changing behaviours. This masterclass will look at examples of Nudge Theory use in healthcare and external organisations and how we can use these to improve patient safety and also to reduce inefficiency and waste.
    We will look at the type of interventions suitable for nudges and how to develop them.
    Key learning objectives: 
    Behavioural Insights. Nudge Theory. Use of nudge theory to improve patient safety. Developing nudges. Opportunities for Nudge-type interventions. Register
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