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January 20, 2020

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    20 January 2020

    Delivering a person-centred approach to the handling, investigation, resolution and learning from complaints in the NHS
    This National Summit focuses on delivering a person-centred approach to complaints handling, investigation, resolution and learning. Through national updates, practical case studies and in depth expert sessions the conference aims to improve the effectiveness of complaints handling within your service, and ensure that complaints lead to change and improvements in patient care.
    The conference will also focus on supporting staff through complaints and moving towards a new code of practice for complaints following NHS Resolution findings in July 2019 that “Too often people involved in complaints, incidents and claims are not supported, and instead they potentially face disciplinary processes which can lead to a culture of fear of speaking out” which can also lead to detrimental effects on the wellbeing and mental health of NHS staff. 
    Follow the conference on Twitter #NHSComplaints
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