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February 2023

Investigation and learning from deaths

This National Conference focuses on improving the investigation and learning from deaths in NHS Trusts. By collecting the data and taking action in response to failings in care, trusts will be able to give an open and honest account of the circumstances leading to a death. There will be an extended focus on engaging and involving patients, families and staff following a death, and on learning from deaths including an update from a coroner. 
The conference will discuss the role of Medical Examiners in learning from deaths which is now being extended to all non-coronial deaths wherever they occur. The conference will also include a split stream where delegates can chose to focus on investigating and learning from either deaths in acute care, or deaths in primary and community care.
For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/virtual-online-courses/investigation-learning-deaths-hospital-mortality or email aman@hc-uk.org.uk.
With only a few places left, HCUK are offering hub members five discounted places at only £195+VAT with discount code HCUK195PSL.
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Difficult conversations, people and conflict management - 3 day intensive training course

Difficult conversations - Thursday 2nd February 2023
Difficult people - Tuesday 7th February 2023
 Conflict management - Wednesday 15th February 2023
This 3 day intensive training course will provide an effective guide to improving your communication skills. With each day focusing on difficult conversations, managing difficult people, and conflict and conflict resolution the course will empower you with the skills to deal with difficult issues and difficult situations within your everyday practice.
Day 1 - how to deal with and manage difficult conversations.
With a focus on telephone and virtual consultations with patients this masterclass focuses on dealing with difficult conversations, The event will focus on speaking to patients in distress, understanding where patient safety issues arise, and managing unhappy patients and complaints.
It will discuss strategies and tools to improve communication and interactions.
Day 2 - how to with difficult people.
Do you have someone at work who consistently triggers you? Doesn’t listen? Takes credit for work you’ve done? Wastes your time with trivial issues? Acts like a know-it-all? Can only talk about themselves? Constantly criticises?
It will discuss strategies and tools to improve communication and interactions with others.
Day 3 - conflict from how to manage different types of conflict through to conflict resolution
This course is aimed at all healthcare staff from frontline staff through to senior managers in dealing with conflict with colleagues, staff, clients and patients.
Further information and registration

The King's Fund: Accelerating progress on cardiovascular disease


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the leading causes of morbidity, disability and mortality in England and a significant driver of health inequalities. It disproportionately affects people in deprived and ethnic minority communities and accounts for one-fifth of the gap in life expectancy between most and least deprived areas.
The NHS Long Term Plan (2019) highlights the need to prevent and manage CVD. CVD accounts for one in four of all deaths in England. The yearly health care costs related to CVD are estimated at £7.4 billion with an annual cost to the wider economy of £15.8 billion.
At a time when NHS and social care workforce and finances are overstretched, urgent comprehensive action across the public health, health and care sectors is needed to significantly reduce the adverse health impacts of CVD and associated workloads and costs.
Leaders and experts from across the NHS and its partners will gather to discuss how best to prioritise and deliver services to reduce the prevalence of CVD and its risk factors across the population, and to improve early detection, management and treatment of CVD and its risk factors.

Care opinion: Organisational culture and online patient feedback: Case studies in three NHS trusts


In this research chat, Care Opinion welcomes back Dr Lauren Ramsey of Leeds University to discuss her recent paper: Exploring the sociocultural contexts in which healthcare staff respond to and use online patient feedback in practice: In-depth case studies of three NHS Trusts.
Research chats are informal and friendly and last 30 minutes. For the first 15 minutes, Care Opinion CEO James Munro discusses the paper with Lauren and then invite comments and questions via the chat box (or in person if you prefer!). Anyone can come along—you don't need to be academic and you don't even need to read the paper beforehand. So do join us!

Improving psychological safety to improve patient safety (Level 1)

This one day masterclass will focus on improving patient safety through enhancing psychological safety and safety culture. 
It will look at effective ways to encourage health professionals to routinely embed high-quality clinical evidence into their everyday work. It will explore the characteristics of relatively successful behaviour change interventions.
All Clinical Staff and Team Leads should attend.
For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/improving-psychological-safety-patient-safety or email aman@hc-uk.org.uk.
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Patient safety learning: Maximising learning and improvement from patient safety insight & events

The publication of the New Patient Safety Incident Response Framework in August 2022 has shifted the focus towards identifying and investigating patient safety incidents and events that have the greatest potential to lead to learning and improvement. This conference focuses on patient safety learning – maximising learning and improvement from patient safety insight and events. The conference will support you to identify incidents and insight that has the greatest potential for improvement and use a range of system-based approaches for learning from patient safety incidents. The conference will also update delegates on the new Learn from patient safety events (LFPSE) service and how local incident reporting will adapt to this new system. The roles and competencies of the Learning Response Lead, and the practicalities of involving and engaging with patients to deliver continuous improvement will also be discussed. Finally the conference will share examples of Safety Actions & After Action Reviews which is recommended under the new framework. 
This conference will enable you to:
Network with colleagues who are working to improve the learning from Patient Safety Insight and Events. Update your knowledge on the New Patient Safety Incident Response Framework published in August 2022. Ensure your approach to learning is in line with PSIRF. Understand the new roles of Patient Safety Partner, Patient Safety Specialist and Learning Response Lead. Identifying and prioritise incidents that have the greatest potential for learning. Explore the requirements and value of the Learn from patient safety events (LFPSE) service. Reflect on the perspectives of a patient who has been engaged as a patient safety partner, and understand how to engaging and involving patients, families and staff can lead to improvement. Understand behaviours, decisions and actions that allow continuous learning and improvement. Develop practical approaches to better aligning the work of patient safety and quality improvement teams. Understand how to work with staff to ensure a focus on learning and continuous improvement. Develop your skills in Leading Patient Safety Improvement and techniques for ensuring a system-based approach to learning. Identify key strategies for delivering Safety Actions & After Action Reviews: Delivering, accountability and monitoring. Supports CPD professional development and acts as revalidation evidence. This course provides 5 hours training for CPD subject to peer group approval for revalidation purposes. Register
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Improving nutrition and hydration on the ward

This conference focuses on improving nutrition and hydration on the wards. Through expert guidance and practical case studies and advice the conference aims to support and equip you to improve practice on your ward and reduce the risk of malnutrition in patients.
For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/improving-nutrition-hydration-ward or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk.
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Developing your skills as an effective ward manager

This conference will bring together current and aspiring Ward Managers to understand current issues and the national context, and to develop your skills as an effective Ward Manager. The conference will open with reflections on the characteristics and qualities required for the role, and understanding your role within quality and specifically meeting the CQC Quality Ratings at Ward level. The conference will include a look at the challenges and issues as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic for Ward Managers.
For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/effective-ward-manager or email frida@hc-uk.org.uk.
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Root Cause Analysis: 2 day masterclass


This two day intensive masterclass will provide Root Cause Analysis Training in line with the July 2019 Patient Safety Strategy.
This intensive two-day masterclass will provide Root Cause Analysis training in line with the 2019 Patient Safety Strategy and subsequent guidance. The course will offer a practical guide to conducting RCA with a focus on systems-based patient safety investigation as proposed within the latest guidance released by NHS England and NHS Improvement. The course provides insights into how RCA is evolving and gives detailed information on what standards RCA investigations are expected to reach following the detailed recent reviews of patient safety work across the NHS and healthcare.  
For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/root-cause-analysis-2-day-masterclass or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk.
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Learning from Never Events

Never events are defined as “serious, largely preventable patient safety incidents that should not occur if healthcare providers have implemented existing national guidance or safety recommendations.”
They are designed to act as a red flag for improvement by NHS organisations.
This one day masterclass will focus on safety culture around Never Events within healthcare organisations. There were 364 never events in 2020/21 and 349 between April 2021 and Jan 2022. The masterclass will look at how Never Events have been investigated and at Human Factors approaches to improving learning and the systems to reduce harm. It will compare our experiences with learning from serious incidents from other countries.
For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/learning-from-never-events or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk.
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Learning from Excellence - Adrian Plunkett


Email rduh.qit@nhs,net to book a place.

The potential of Health Justice Partnerships in Integrated Care Systems


Join us to learn how welfare rights advice services are being integrated with healthcare nationwide to tackle poverty and health inequality.
This event will be of interest to people working in Integrated Care Systems and public health policy and practice.
Taking action on poverty and health inequality is ever more important for the NHS, as the current cost of living crisis increases hardship among communities. The consequences for health and wellbeing will be felt most keenly among low income and vulnerable patient groups.
Health justice partnerships are targeted interventions that support patients with social and economic circumstances that are root causes of health inequality. They are partnerships between health services and organisations specialising in welfare rights. Advice on welfare rights issues is integrated with patient care, helping people resolve problems relating to benefits, debt, housing, employment and immigration, among others. This can support those in the hardest circumstances to maximise their health and wellbeing.
This one-day in-person workshop is an opportunity to learn about health justice partnerships and how they are being implemented across the country in a range of NHS settings. We will be joined by speakers who are engaged in service delivery, policy and research, who will provide examples and insights from their work.
Speakers will include:
Professor Dame Hazel Genn, Director of the Centre for Access to Justice, UCL Cedi Frederick, Chair of the NHS Kent and Medway Integrated Care Board Natalie Davis, Head of Legal Support Policy, Ministry of Justice Catherine McClennan, Director of the Women’s Health and Maternity Programme, Cheshire and Merseyside Health & Care Partnership Paul Sweeting, Insight and Performance Partner, Macmillan Cancer Support Refreshments are provided and there will be opportunities for discussion and networking.
Outline of the day (provisional timings)
09.15: Registration and refreshments
10.15: Plenary session 1 - Introducing Health Justice Partnerships
11.45: Plenary session 2 - Health Justice Partnership case studies
13.00: Lunch provided
14.00: Plenary session 3 - Implementing Health Justice Partnerships
15.15: Group discussion session 4 - Where next for you?
16.30: Refreshments and networking
Please see our website for further information on Health Justice Partnerships.
Register for a place
This event is supported by The Legal Education Foundation.

Root Cause Analysis: 1 Day Masterclass

This intensive masterclass will provide in-house Root Cause Analysis training in line with The NHS Patient Safety Strategy (July 2019).
The course will offer a practical guide to Root Cause Analysis with a focus on systems-based patient safety investigation as proposed by the forthcoming National Patient Safety Incident Response Framework which emphasises the requirement for investigations to be led by those with safety investigation training/expertise and with dedicated time and resource to complete the work. This course will include an opportunity for learners to gain a Level 3 qualification (A level equivalent) in RCA skills (2 credits / 20 hours) on successful completion of a short-written assignment.
For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/root-cause-analysis-1-day-masterclass or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk.
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NHS England: Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) governance workshop

The Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) sets out a new approach to learning and improving following patient safety incidents across the NHS in England.
This workshop will highlight how different organisations are approaching incident response decision making and associated governance processes.
Audience: PSIRF webinars are open to everyone to attend, including both NHS and arms length bodies.
Tracey Herlihey, Head of Patient Safety Incident Response, NHS England Lauren Mosley, Head of Patient Safety Implementation, NHS England, Kerry Crowther, Patient Safety Specialist, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Christopher Brooks-Daw, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, North Bristol NHS Trust Register

The King's Fund: Health and care explained 2023


Now, more than ever, the landscape of the health and care system in England is challenging and complex.
Policy experts from The King’s Fund will help you gain a greater understanding of how the health and care system in England currently works and how it is changing. It will put this in the context of the current external environment by exploring the key issues in health and care, and will provide balanced and honest views about the pressures and opportunities the system faces in 2023.  
Taking place virtually over two days, this conference will provide you with the opportunity to interact with our experts and gain confidence working with colleagues throughout the system.  

Masterclass: Developing your role as a Senior Information Risk Owner SIRO

This masterclass will focus on developing your role as a SIRO (Senior Information Risk Owner) in health and social care.
Key learning objectives
Understanding the role of the Senior Information Risk Owner. Identifying information risks across the organisation. Working with others to mitigate the risk to patients, staff and organisation. Confidence that all reasonable technical and organisation measure are in place. Giving assurance to the Board that risks have been considered, mitigated or owned. Understand the requirements of external confidence that policies, procedures are in place to deal with Data Breaches, For further information and to book your place visit https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/masterclass-developing-your-role-as-a-senior-information-risk-owner-siro  or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk.
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ISMP Canada: Incident analysis and proactive risk assessment


This virtual workshop from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada will provide healthcare professionals with background theory and hands-on practice in incident analysis using Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and in proactive risk assessment using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA).